About Us!

Affinity is a private whitelisted vanilla SMP server created for YouTubers originally by Gito and MoNsTAZz in May of 2013. As time went by, Lamdrew replaced Gito in December of 2013 and similarly MoNsTAZz retired the same way 1 year later in December 2014. As of 2015 Lamdrew decided to merge the SMP with it's fan server in order to let the community prosper! It is now a community independent survival multiplayer server ran by the Affinity Community itself, if you wish to join the server you may apply in the application section of the website! Good luck!

Affinity was a fusion between Monstabear, an SMP created by MoNsTAZz, and Minecreek, an SMP created by Gito. Prior to Affinity, Monstabear and Minecreek were rapidly falling apart. High tension between members on Minecreek resulted in arguments amongst each other; so much to the point where in Minecreeks final days; almost half of its members left! Monstabear on the other hand had recently gone through its first map reset which had resulted in MASS inactivity from almost everyone on the server. Both SMP's were dying. So, in order to reinvigorate both servers. MoNsTAZz approached Gito and spoke of merging the two together! Sure enough. A few days later, they agreed! And a chat was born. The members merged. Some left. Some stayed. Some new people were added and thus! A new SMP server was born! We chose the name 'Affinity' as it highlighted the coming together of our servers. A sense of community between members. (Look up the definition of Affinity) and so, May 17th 2013. Affinity SMP was launched! And since then it's been a great success! It's a fantastic community of YouTubers who strive to give you guys the best content!

There are currently no applications to get onto this server. If any of the Affinity members see or know of someone they would like to get onto the server; it will be put forward to a server vote and if it passes then the select person will get an invitation! Of course you can still message HalPlays and Lamdrew to try and catch their attention.

As well as this website; we also have a hub channel where we upload collaborative videos! We also have an Affinity Twitter where you can get all the latest Affinity news! And we have an Affinity Twitch!

All links to these can be found below:


We also have a Fan server which is essentially the same as Affinity SMP but for subscribers! It's also whitelisted so if you're interested in joining that you can apply via the fan server section of the website!

If you're unsuccessful in getting added to the whitelist! Do not worry! As we also have a public server hosted by our friend ThirtyVirus! You're welcome to join via public.affinitysmp.com

Everyone here at Affinity SMP hopes you have as much fun watching us as we do making content for you!

- Affinity

There are also some amazing people that work behind the scenes for us!

Animations ~ Gearin
Website Graphics ~ Lamdrew
Website Development ~ GusGold